How to make most of value bets

Knowing how to utilize value betting spells greatness from just being a good poker player. Making most of a marginal hand is a very tricky process that marks a great player.

In limit hold’em poker, you should be very aggressive. Most of the time other players will call your value bet even with weak cards. In no limit, things can be a bit trickier.

utilize value betting in poker

You also need to consider the type of opponent you are against when value betting. If you play a fair amount of blackjack then you will understand that the type of players at the table will make a massive difference to the game play. Casual players will call on your bet if he thinks he holds strong cards which can be good as what you have.

If you are against stronger players, you need to consider what that opponent thinks you have. A casual player does not mind your cards but only his own but stronger poker players also think of what cards you have.

When value betting against a strong player, you need to bet based on what you have, what you think he has, and what you think he is believing that you have.

Value betting is actually very situational. It is pretty complicated to encompass in one article. It takes a lot of games and practice to feel your way into making most of value bets.

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