Why Do Online Casinos Promote Slots So Much?

Have you ever noticed the major push casinos do with slots? There are hundreds of variants around and it seems to be the game everybody wants to play. Have you ever wondered why? Well, in this post I’m going to lay out a few reasons why online casinos love to promote slots to gamblers and why this will continue in 2021 and beyond.

1] House edge

The first reason I think slots are promoted at every Malaysia online casino is the edge they have on it. As you know, the house has an edge that makes them favourite at every game they offer punters. But if you do some research and investigate the odds, you’ll realise that slots are right up there in terms of house edge. It’s got to be the most profitable game for casinos to offer. Unlike games like poker where they only take a fixed fee from cash games pots or 10% on tournament buy-ins (that last hours), slots are instant and easy money for casinos.

2] Easiest game

Slots are, in part, popular due to their simplicity. Unlike most other casino games, they require practically not strategy. Other than choosing the amount you are investing and the slot form you are playing, there’s literally no input from the bettor. This is an attractive thing to the typical gambler. If you perform a mentally taxing job or have a low IQ, you don’t want to rack your brains learning advanced strategy to gamble. This is where slots are perfect, they’re easy to play.

3] TV Shows

Finally, slots are promoted largely due to the fact it pulls on our emotions. We love our favourite shows and seeing them in slot form just reels us in. They know we adore seeing Homer Simpson and Family Guy on TV and also when gambling. This is easy advertising for them as the typical gambler will simply choose their favourite TV show when playing slots online.

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