Roulette: System failure

I don’t believe you can beat roulette with a betting system. Let’s get that out right now. It’s been proven time and again (with countless tests of up to 10,000 spins) that everything works out to be equal whether you’re using a system or making random bets on the wheel each time. There are plenty, however, who would disagree.

And there are more yet who will agree you can’t beat the game, but you can beat the wheel. Don’t ask. This makes absolutely no sense to me because the wheel itself is the game. That’s all there is. It’s like saying you can’t beat the slot machine but you can beat the lever.

I’m never surprised, though, to see dozens of “helpful” posters on message boards throw out pieces of advice that include a demand, a requirement, to implementing a good betting system if you’re going to make a profit at the game. It’s just so untrue.


You want a good roulette system? Bring lots of money, be prepared to be patient and wait out your numbers. When they hit, be prepared to walk away. If you call backing yourself and self-control a betting system, then I stand corrected. I just call them common sense.

It’s only natural that players will look for a crack in the seams of a game played exclusively against the house – or a 100% game of chance. Look, you can’t beat poker (although you CAN beat the players). You can, however, gain advantages in blackjack – another game played entirely against the dealer. But there’s a human element and reduction of randomization to take into account there. The only human element to roulette is the belief that you can pick up patterns in the roller. I haven’t really done enough research to comment on that in detail yet.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of money to be made in roulette, and while it’s not my game (my order is poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, vodka, slots), I fully understand the draw and the risk/return sexiness. I’ve seen guys down on their luck throw $500 on black, hit it and be on top of the world the rest of the day. I’ve also seen a guy lose $1,200 in seven minutes. In both cases, I was watching from the sidelines, something I’m fond of doing after a two-hour or more poker session.

How to make most of value bets

Knowing how to utilize value betting spells greatness from just being a good poker player. Making most of a marginal hand is a very tricky process that marks a great player.

In limit hold’em poker, you should be very aggressive. Most of the time other players will call your value bet even with weak cards. In no limit, things can be a bit trickier.

utilize value betting in poker

You also need to consider the type of opponent you are against when value betting. If you play a fair amount of blackjack then you will understand that the type of players at the table will make a massive difference to the game play. Casual players will call on your bet if he thinks he holds strong cards which can be good as what you have.

If you are against stronger players, you need to consider what that opponent thinks you have. A casual player does not mind your cards but only his own but stronger poker players also think of what cards you have.

When value betting against a strong player, you need to bet based on what you have, what you think he has, and what you think he is believing that you have.

Value betting is actually very situational. It is pretty complicated to encompass in one article. It takes a lot of games and practice to feel your way into making most of value bets.

Are you up for a game of craps?

Most gamers play a variety of games when they pay a visit to the casino. Most have tried almost every game in the house, but if there’s one game that people stay away from more than any other it’s craps. At first glance the game of craps can seem complicated to a player who has never played it before. In a live casino setting the game can be intimidating because of all the loud players gathered around the table as the action unfolds. Stepping up and trying to make a wager when you don’t know what you’re doing is not a move most people would make. Online craps provides the new player with a setting to play the game that doesn’t involve yelling and crowds. You can learn the game without worrying that you’re doing something wrong.

Leaning to play craps starts with understanding the most important part of the game, the come out roll. The come out roll is the first roll of the dice that wagers can be placed on, and it establishes how the action will pay off for the rest of the series. Players bet on the “pass line” space, and should a 7 or 11 be produced on the come out roll any “pass line” bet wins. In the case where a 2, 3, or 12 appears on the come out roll the “pass line” bet loses. Should a different number from the above be rolled, this is called the ‘point’ and brings about the beginning of the series.

play craps

For the pass line bet to be won after a point number has been established the point number needs to be rolled again before the number 7 is rolled. Should the number 7 be rolled first, then the pass line bettor loses. All other action is a collection of bets that are placed on the outcome of each roll. Instead of betting on the pass line winning, a player can bet on the opposite side of the action, betting on the “don’t pass” bet. If they make this bet they will win if a 2, 3, or 12 are rolled on the come out roll. If a point is established then the “don’t pass” bet wins if a 7 is rolled before the point number.

Playing in a provincial online casino vs playing in regular online casinos

Most of the online casinos in Canada today is run by the provincial governments. While some people may say that this is a good way for those provincial governments to earn some extra money, instead of trying to do the impossible and suing anyone gambling, or that they can regulate this much better than non-government led casinos, others have their own reasons why they don’t like to play in a government casino.

One of the things that is seen as a big problem with online casinos that are run by Canadian province governments is the fact that access is restricted. In fact, they only allow people from that province to play. Personally, I think that one of the best things about online casinos is the fact that you can meet people who are kilometers and kilometers away from you, without having to budge from your room. If you don’t give me this option, I can’t say that I can find your casino attractive enough.

provincial online casino

The first online casino in Canada was launched in July 2010 by the province of British Columbia. They had a good idea with this, but because they had no experience with this, nor anyone to learn from, they immediately ran into some problems. The biggest one was a breach in their web site security, which allowed 134 player accounts to be compromised. This meant that other people could see their data and even place bets on their account. Of course, the casino was soon shut down and re-launched in August, but the damage was already done and couldn’t be repaired. The new web site also had its own share of problems, as the players often complained that they couldn’t verify some information via credit card and that they also were put on hold for more than half an hour by the costumer service before receiving a reply.

I don’t intend to just criticize provincial licensed casinos. These initial problems have certainly a lot to do with the inexperience of people who didn’t have a lot to go by in these early days, so they were bound to get into situations like these. But, they are learning fast and, because they have a lot more resources than the average casino owner, they are beginning to be very successful.

Spending money in a provincial online casino means that you have a general idea where your money will be going, but you can consider it as an other form of taxes and most people don’t like the taxes they already have to pay, without adding more to them, so they chose independent online casinos, instead.

There are reasons for and against playing in an online casino that is run by the provincial government and an independent online casino and they all have their merit, but, in the end, it is the player that makes the ultimate decision on where he or she is going to try his or hers luck.

Texas Holdem Bluffing

Bluffing is a big part of Texas Holdem Poker game. The aim of bluffing is to make other players think that you have the best hand. Bluffing can be very useful when you do it in the right situation. Some players say that it is good to bluff in the last rounds of betting. You have to be careful if you bluff when there are big pots. If you start bluffing, do it good and do not show frailty.

Bluffing can be part of your game, but it is good to be careful when you bluff in low limit Texas Holdem. How often a poker player can bluff? Every good Texas Holdem player will tell you that there isn’t good answer for this question. You can bluff as often as you want, but you better do it. A player, who bluffs has more chances to win than a player, who doesn’t. Good players also say that it is not good to bluff into large pots.

Texas Holdem players who have more experience know when to bluff and how to do it. If you are a beginner and you want to win, using bluffing strategy, do not be afraid to do it, just do it correctly. Bluffing can help you to affect other players and to make them out of the hands. If you bluff very often, players will know that you do it and the results will not be the same.

poker bluffing

The best time to bluff is when you win the previous hand in Texas Holdem Poker. Other players will think that you are just lucky man, who has the best cards and you can win. If other players think that you are holding something, they will fold. Do not show your cards to the other players, because if you do it, they will think that you have the best hand and it will help you.

When you show your cards and other players see that you were bluffing, you will also have advantages in the future. Good situations for bluffing are:

- When you bet pre-flop and you missed
– When you’re in late position and each of the players checked
– When everyone has folded
– When there is a pair of cards on the board

When you bluff, other players think that you have good hand, but some of them can do the same like you. Sometimes players can bluff even if they have good poker hand. So pay more attention, look their reactions and do not bluff very often. Do it when you think that your opponents will believe you and do it like professional poker player!

There are different advices you can read about bluffing, but there is no special rule that you have to follow. If you are new poker player, you can just try to do it in different situations and you will find the way of winning. The game will show you how to do it and with more practice, you have good opportunities to win. If you bluff in wrong situations twice or more, next time don’t do it.

Texas Holdem Beginner Introduction

You are beginner and you want to play Texas Holdem Poker? It is very easy to learn the rules of this game. Beginners can learn the rules of Texas Holdem for few minutes and very soon they can play the game.

Nowadays on the Internet you will find many Texas Holdem sources, so you will be able to learn everything you need to start playing.

Texas Holdem is played with 52 playing cards. It is easy game, but it is not easy to be the winner in Texas Holdem Poker. With more practise everyone can be the winner.

Betting structure of the game can be different. Some players start with an ante before the cards are dealt. They put some money on the table and then each player is dealt two cards face down, called pocket cards. When each player has these two cards, the first betting round starts. The first one, who puts a bet on the table, is the player, who is to the left of the dealer. This betting round is also called pre-flop. Each player can bet different amount of money, depending on the game.

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem Poker players can check, fold or raise. After the first betting round is completed, the dealer puts three cards on the table. These cards are face up and they are called The Flop. Players can use these community cards to make the best poker hand. That is the best thing in Texas Holdem Poker game. When players finish with matching their hands, the second betting round appears.

Once the second betting round is finished, the dealer puts another card on the table. It is called Turn card. Then the third betting round follows. In some games players can double their bets in this betting round. The next community card appears on the table – it is called – the River. In this moment Texas Holdem Poker players can use all community cards and their own cards to create the winning hand. Continue reading

Online Roulette Profits

Keen on minting money the easy way out? Get set to earn a full time income by playing part time from your computer. The system of Online Roulette Profits was developed by a gambling guru who is well known for his winning roulette methods – Charles Brown. The purpose of his software was to ensure that his customers find the system as successful as possible. The well-designed website has lots of information stacked to serve as explanation for beginners. The trial run of the software ensured that the guide was successful and that players won in 4 out of 5 trails with an end profit at $76 after 2 and a half hours. One of the spheres where the software needs further development is if it could tell you where to place your bets rather than you having to work it out on your own. However, this is still a great guide which has a genuine winning roulette system.

The Online Roulette Profits site is a personalized account of of the strategies the man (Charles Brown) has used himself and succeeded. This is more of a customized blog directed towards amateur players and part timers. So, get all set to bag $500 per day in just a few hours a week. He claims, the best feature about playing the online game through the Online Roulette Profits software is that, you don’t have to work for someone else making them rich while you do all the hard work.

Online Roulette Profits

The gambling system of Online Roulette Profits relies on using level stakes betting. In other words, this ensures players the same amount of money on every spin with no progression. Although one can’t exactly reveal as to how the system works, it does use different types of bets in a very clever pattern, that is difficult to be seen or heard of before. The best part is that, online videos are available for prospective buyers and players to view a winning demonstration.

With Charles Brown’s Online Roulette Profits, you are assured of the following: quit your job in weeks, to make as much as $500 per day on the roulette table; live the lifestyle of the holidays, freedom and the money; learn the reason why some players will never get ahead at the tables; and use a fool-proof method that has never been released before.

Classic Slots

The evolution of slot machines has brought us the highly entertaining video slots, which provide players with an enhanced visual entertainment. Nevertheless, sometimes we just feel like going back to a more simple form of slot entertainment and that is when it is good to remember the good old classic slots. Australia and its land-based casinos and pubs, however, are not the only place where you can find them, as they have been transferred online as well. Even though nowadays online casinos seem to be more focused on the high-tech video slots, classic slots have truly stood the test of time, as they have been entertaining pokie players for decades. That is why most online casinos still offer a selection of various classic slot games.

Nowadays there are some variations, but classic slots in general feature only three reels and one payline. This naturally makes classic slot betting rather straightforward and easy to follow, unlike video slots where you may get a bit confused by the number of reels and paylines that you have to think about when betting. Therefore, when you play classic slots, you do not need to focus on a betting strategy such as how many paylines you are going to bet on per spin, or how much you are going to bet per payline. In addition, a spin will cost you less when you bet on a single payline.

Classic Slots

Furthermore, even though more reels may provide you with the impression of a higher possibility to win, the odds of hitting a winning combination on a classic slot machine with three reels is mathematically higher. That is perhaps why casinos tend to offer lower payout rates for classic slots, which means that it is up to you to decide whether you prefer better odds or higher payout rates when you play.

Of course, there are players who would rather enjoy the more advanced five-reeled slots than the old-school classic slots. Australia and its casinos have those as well; however, even though video slots tend to be more visually stimulating, classic slot games also offer an exciting, albeit less flashy form of entertainment. When you play classic slots, you can still enjoy quality graphics that do not overwhelm you as much as those of video slots do. Certain classic slot games also feature bonus rounds, as well as multiplier and scatter symbols to make your game more interesting and varied.

Classic slot games are also a good way to ease players into the world of slots. Generally, it is not a good idea for beginners to start betting on video pokies straightaway, since they may easily get confused and sometimes even fail to notice that they have actually won. Even experienced game enthusiasts often prefer to play classic slots online in order to get some visual rest or because they want to experience the classic Las Vegas atmosphere while at the same time enjoying the comfort of their own home. While video slots may indeed be a step ahead as far as visual entertainment is concerned, classic slots have managed to retain the thrill of either winning or losing in its purest form.

Free Slots

There are a lot Australian slots fans who often cannot afford to play for real money. Nevertheless, there is still a way for such players to enjoy themselves and that is why the majority of online casinos nowadays offer Aussie free slots. Australia has some great land-based venues where you can play slots in general, however, they do not really provide customers with the opportunity to play slots for free for an unlimited period of time, as is the case online.

The free slot option is a good solution for all those players who do not have enough cash to spare for gambling. And the best part is that free slot games are in no way inferior to the real deal in terms of graphics, sounds and variety of games. At the same time, Australian free slots often do not even require a registration at the respective online casino and most of the time there is no need for players to download any special software in order to start playing. This makes Aussie free slots really popular among online players who do not wish to make a financial or any other kind of commitment but simply want to have fun.

It is nonetheless true that some people like slots because of the possibility to win real money. However, a free slot game still manages to convey the thrill that makes betting on slot machines so much fun. Relying on nothing but the odds and staring at the screen, looking for the combination of flashing symbols that will make you a winner can be pretty exciting even without the fear of losing actual money. This is how players can enjoy themselves as much as they want, without having to set a budget before they start playing and worrying when that budget vanishes before they decide that they have played enough for the time being.

Free Slots

Australian free slots are also a great way for players to get acquainted with the new games that are constantly coming out these days; it might turn out that some of those games are not as good as advertised. So, even if players can afford to bet on slots in general, it is a good idea for them to begin with some free spins at first, before they start spending real money on a new and completely unfamiliar game. Players can also check out the atmosphere in the online casino they have chosen by playing some free slots. Australia offers a lot of land-based casinos, and yet you are likely to get frowned upon at the least, if you just show up there and demand to play for free in order to see what kind of vibe the casino gives you.

Beginners can also benefit from Aussie free slots, mostly with regards to the more advanced multiple payline video slots. While playing slots as a rule is quite easy and does not require any skills whatsoever, a little practice is always a good idea, especially if you have decided to bet on video slots; your game can only benefit from a little initial experience.

Internet gambling news from Ireland and Denmark

The European Commission has a certain course when it comes down to internet gambling. It sees its main objective in establishment of the unified gambling space among all the countries-members. However, despite of such attempts and various legislative acts passed, some EU countries still try to stay as independent as possible. Ireland and Denmark are really reluctant to open their gambling market to external casino operators. Read further to find out what is in store for internet gambling in Ireland and Denmark.

As you may know from some of our previous articles, all EU countries are obliged to make their internet gambling market available for other gambling operators. Denmark accepted such a rule with certain alterations though. There is a state-owned gambling company called Danske Spil that the government tries to promote and support as hard as possible.

On the first of July the gambling market of Denmark will be open for other casino operators to enter. With one small condition that actually changes everything. They won’t be able to offer or promote their services without the due license issued by the respective Gambling Commission. And you know what? No foreign gambling licenses will be issued till the beginning of 2011! In other words, state owned Danske Spil will have whole half a year to operate on the Danish gambling market without any competition. Hopefully for the government, it will manage to gain enough clientele and earn the most stable reputation among the Danish gamblers so that they will have no desire to switch to foreign gambling operators.

gambling news

All the casino operators who attempt to offer their cervices on the territory of Denmark without a due license, will be immediately blocked and punished. The same thing concerns Danish gamblers who try to play on illegal foreign gambling sites. They will encounter huge problems with withdrawing their money from such casino accounts and are likely to lose much money if breaking the law. By the way, such countries as France is England are also going to follow the Denmark pattern to protect state internet gambling companies.

As for Ireland, there are talks that this country will be the one to introduce taxation of internet gambling business. If the bill introduced by Ireland Prime Minister is supported, then online casino operators and owners of spots betting services will have to pay a tax. It’s planned that the amount of the tax will equal 1% and all this money will go to boost Ireland budget that suffered a lot during the economic crisis. However, there are also rumours that all the money received from taxes will go to support racing companies and won’t improve the general economic situation. Opponents claim that it will be quite on the contrary.

Taxation of online gambling industry in Ireland will lead to even deeper unemployment. Casino companies operating on the territory of Ireland will have to cut the fat, in other words, to cut down the number of staff. Paddy Power that positions itself as the top Irish casino operator has already made a statement that no new job positions will be opened in this company if such a legislation passes. And ordinary people will certainly suffer a lot from such a decision.

Time will show if a real open gambling space appears on the European continent or not. Read our site to stay tuned about all the latest developments and events in the internet gambling world.